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Where we start out in Life is not where we end up...

The only thing we are destined for in life is the direction that we choose . That does not mean that it will be easy... but we can predict the future with our thoughts and our actions. We can choose to constantly move forward and surround ourselves with the things that will make our life better and the things that will inspire us to continue on the journey to our dreams. We need to create a positive force... momentum... to push us to keep working. The best way that I know to create momentum is to create movement. Find a way to move your body every day... through some kind of exercise program, biking, walking, pilates, barre, yoga, running, truly whatever feels best to you. When you move your body and breathe... you begin to connect your body to your mind - this connection will give you more energy to get up every day... to continue to work... to continue to build confidence and belief in yourself, to practice self-love, and to find out the things you need to know to accomplish your goals. For more inspiration along the way check out the Rise Above With Rudy Podcast on iTunes and iheart radio.

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